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Tickets may be purchased in advance until midnight on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

Day-of tickets will ONLY be sold at Tour Headquarters.


On the first day of your tour experience, please bring your receipt from your ticket purchase to the tour headquarters (TBA) to receive your guide book. Please keep your guide book. The program booklet will be your ticket, gaining you entry to each day of the tour.

Tour Rules

1. No children under 6 are permitted on the tour.
2. All tour guests must have a program book–even children over six.
3. Infants in snugglies only. No baby carriages, strollers, or backpacks allowed in houses.
4. No pets allowed.
5. Umbrellas and packages must be left outside the front door.
6. Photos allowed unless otherwise specified.
7. Decorations and furnishings are to be looked at, not touched.
8. No food or drink in houses.
9. No use of private toilet facilities by tour guests. Restrooms are available at tour headquarters.
10. No sharp high heels.

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If you have any questions, please contact or call 978-745-0799

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