Welcome to Christmas in Salem

Presented by Historic Salem, Inc. 

Welcome to our 42 annual Christmas in Salem, a fundraiser for Historic Salem Inc.

This year we will be back in person!

Christmas in Salem Returns to Tradition with our 42nd Annual Historic House Tour. Plans are underway for our traditional, in-person, format complete with beautiful houses and festive events. The tour will be held the first weekend in December, on Dec 4th and 5th, 2021.

In addition, we will be capitalizing on the benefits of last year’s virtual event by offering virtual live stream tours of each house, allowing friends and family from around the globe to view the magic of Christmas in Salem. This virtual event will also provide a ready option for the “tour to go on” should public health indications take a turn for the worse.

There are several operational differences in response to the ongoing global pandemic, so please keep reading.

1.     This year’s event will be ADVANCED TICKETS ONLY. Please make sure to book your tickets online before the days of the tour.

2.     Tickets will be issued for a specific time slot (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon). There are limited tickets for each time slot, for a total of 1000 tickets. Once capacity is reached, there will be no additional tickets sold. You must show up for the tour during your allotted time.

3.     Masks will be required at all times while inside the houses.

4.     There will be live streaming for those who would like to support HSI and watch from the comfort of their own home.

5.     If you are feeling sick, please stay home. We will be streaming the tour, so you will be able to view the tour in this way. Christmas in Salem is an important fundraiser for Historic Salem Inc., and we appreciate your donations. There will be no refunds due to illness. The streaming version will show all the houses and will have the same donation price.

6.     We will not have a headquarters this year. Once you purchase tickets you will be given a location to meet to pick up the list of houses. You will access your tour booklet virtually once you arrive at the tour. If you collect the tour booklets, we can arrange to print one up for you later for a nominal fee.

7.     You will have a designated guide at each house to lead you through the rooms, rather than one guide stationed in each room. Groups will be small in an effort to limit exposure.  

Thanks so much for supporting us during a global pandemic! 

This is Historic Salem, Inc.’s annual fundraiser and we are so grateful for your support.