Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take pictures inside the homes? 

You can take pictures in most houses. Please pay attention to guide instructions as a few homes do not allow photography.  Please tag @historicsaleminc on social media and use the tag #christmasinsalem.

Are children allowed on the tour?

Children under the age of 6 are not allowed on the tour unless they are in a front pack.  Children 6 and older are welcome to attend the tour but must have their own ticket.

Can a large group attend together?

Yes! Tickets for 2022 are not timed. You can start the tour at any time between 10:30-4 on Dec. 3 or 11:30-4 on Dec. 4 and you can start at any tour house. All efforts will be made to allow entrance to a group of 10 or fewer into the house at the same time. Larger groups may need to view the house in smaller groups one after another.

Can I bring my umbrella/backpack/shopping bags into the houses?

No, backpacks and other large parcels can cause inadvertent damage to the homes. Any large parcel deemed hazardous to moving about in the house cannot be brought inside the houses. We have a guide at the front door who will try to keep an eye on it, but we don’t have a ‘coat check’ type system and cannot be held responsible for your things.

Can I bring my pet with me?   

No, pets cannot be brought inside the houses on the tour.

Where are the restrooms? 

Free restrooms are available at tour headquarters. No use of private restrooms in homes on the tour.

What kind of footwear is best for the tour? 

The tour requires a significant amount of walking so wear comfy shoes. To preserve the integrity of many home’s wood floors, we ask that you refrain from wearing sharp high-heels.

How accessible are the homes?

Most of the home tours cover one floor of the home but most homes are accessed via a few front steps. On occasion, a tour may cover a second floor. If you are uncomfortable with stairs, you can exit before heading up, or down.